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The life story of Mohan lal Shrimali is the story of abject poverty,perpetual struggle, strong determination and ultimately crowing success. Born in a small village near Haldighati, a poor farmer's son graduated from the University of Udaipur and became a teacher. His indomitable spirit was not satisfied with simply teaching the story of Pratap- the great warrior and the freedom fighter, personifying bravery, courage and sacrifice. Mohan Shrimali always dreamt of paying Pratap a befitting tribute with could reveal the rare qualities of his great hero of India. Pratap - the ruler of Mewar lived in the jungles with his wife and children, saw them starving but didn't yield to the might of Emperor Akbar and ultimately freed his motherland from Moughls. There was nothing in the region to depict Pratap's insurmountable spirit of liberty, equality and fraternity. In fact the first battle of freedom was fought at Haldighati.

Mohan Lal Shrimali

In fact the first battle of freedom was fought at Haldighati. Haldighati a mountain pass in the Aravilis 40 kms from Udaipur, would probably have been known more for its turmeric- coloured soik that gave its name had it not been far history's intervention. The name of the pass today resounds with medieval heroism of a ruler and his horse. At the battle of Haldighati in 1576, the irrepresible Maharana Pratap of Mewar, astride his horse Chetak, had faced the might of Akbar, the great Moghul Emperor. If the Maharana lived to fight another day it was due to his horse which carried him to safety, thought it was itself dying of battle wounds.

A neglected marble Chhatri stands there as a poor memorial to the event. May be hi story would have been gradually forgotten for a school teacher Mohan Shrimali taking early retirement to put up a museum that is more befitting in size and ambit to pay a worthy tribute to Pratap. Pooling his pension benefits and the money he got by selling his housee, augmented by a loan the former school teacher Mohan Shrimali, 60 has built a resplendent Maharana Pratap Museum spread over three acres. There are tabliaus are showing the scenes from the life of Maharana Pratap as well as light and sound show.

Shrimali was inspired by his mentor Balwant Singh Mehta, freedom fighter and member of the Constituent Assembly. Mehta told Shrimali that since Shrimali was born in Haldighati, he should devote himself to Maharana Pratap. He however felt a commemorative statue or a garden would not be enough. Culling ideas from the Akshardham temple in Gujarat, he designed the complex himself, including among its attractions other features of the locality. Few know that Haldighati produces rose products too. At the museum therefore, there is a live show on how rose water and rose syrup are made. The museum not only depicts the greatness of Pratap but also provides valuable glimpses into the history, civilization and culture of Mewar. The Central Cabinet Minister Shri C.P. Joshi took keen interest in the development of Shrimali's project. The inauguration function of the Maharana Pratap museum was presied over by Shri C.P. Joshi in the presence of H.E., the Governer of Rajasthan Shri Anshuman Singh as the Chief Guest, Shri C.P. Joshi intrested several V.V.I.P's to witness the museum so as boost the morale of M.L. Shrimali. Shrimali very gratefully acknowledge his indebtedness to Shri L.K. Panwar, I.A.S., Shri Subhash Garg I.A.S., and also all the Ex. Collectors of Rajsamand, who inspired guided and provided moral support to establish the museum. The visitis of the V.V.I.P.'s and their encouragement also greatly contributed to Shrimali achievements.

Shrimali's sumptuous and Three Crore museums has been drawing tourists from all over India and froma all over the world. Shrimali plans to spend most of the earnings of the museum to expand it, which may not be too far away considering that which its low priced tickets it has become so popular that about 3 Lacs tourists are flocking to this museum every year. The present President of India (the then Governor of Rajasthan), The Present Prime Minister (then them M.P.) the late Vice President Bhairon Singh Shekhawat several Central Ministers, MLA's, MP's Officer of All India sources/and the Chief Justic and Justic of the Supreme Court and most of the High Courts have visited this musium. Because of several conntraints, the Rajasthan Governments Plans to develop Haldighati did not fructify and Shrimali has stepped into do what it could not. His can do spirit perhaps is the truest tribute to a man like. Pratap who was daring enoughto take on an empire. Shrimali's endeavors are aimed at incalculating the highest ideals of nationalism and patriotism in India youth, as these were the ideals for which Pratap sacrificed all his life.

Shrimali is always mindful of the tourist's demands. In addition to the substantiality of the museum he is very particular about their facilities and above all decent behaviour to them.

Shrimali doesn't use the income from the museum for his family. This income is spent on the expansion and improvement of the museum only. It's the Rose and the rose products on which he has been concentrating to earn his living. The cultivation of rose on a large scale and thereafter by developing the industry of rose products, he has created several jobs for the peopleof that area. In fact Mohan Shrimali his earned the greatest credibility for the sole reason that his focus has always been on the development of the area and the people around him and not on his personal growth and enrichment.

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Maharana Pratap Museum, Welcomes you to Haldighati, the land of bravery, sacrifice and great history. Haldighati plays an important role in the Indian History.

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