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Maharana pratap holds a uniqe position in the history of india. His unique example of combating the mighty mughals, with a meagre manpower is rare in the history of the world. No one can be compared with the invincible Rana, who always held his head high amidst many vicissitudes of life.

Maharana pratap was born on 9may 1540. He was enthroned in 1572 and struggled for the independence of his motherland and the preservation of indian values till he breathed his last. In 1576, Maharana pratap displayed unbounded courage and bravery in the battle of haldighati. After the historical and decisive victory in the battle of dewair in 1582, he led mewar state on the path of social and cultural advancement and made chawand his capital in 1585. He left for his heanvenly abode in 1597.

Pratap "the embodiment of the elemental spirit of india" preferred deserts and jungles to promps and palaces, breads of grass to rich dishes and beds of straws to velvet cushions, in order to maintain the high traditions and culture of his race. For centuries maharana of mewar fought against the foreigners who invaded their country but never submitted to them.

Pratap was the only hindu king, who with his meagre army, defended his motherland and struggled hard for long period for twenty five years and that too against the greatest the greatest power on the earth at that time. He may be called "the robert bruce of india ". He was victorious though vanquished. He could not be captured with all the strenous efferts of the mighty mughals. Most of the mewar, remained outside the dominion of the mughals. Pratap was a great general, a brave warrior and a successful organiser. He introduced guerilla warfare in india, which was later adopted by Chhatrapati Shivaji in Maharashtra and Maharaja Ranjit Singh in punjab.

A great captain of war, tall almost full and magestic figure with a high forhead, prominent moustaches and above all striking appearance with bright eyes which seem to indicate great fire and determination within, pratap succeeded to the titles and renown of an illustrous house, but without a capital, without resources, his kindered and clans dispirited by reverses, yet possessed the noble spirit of his race.

A shrewd politician, pratap, although fought for the protection of his small kingdom, the form of a big battle for independence, thereby attracting the mughal enemies towards him.

Beside being strong and stern, he was generous and liberal minded. He bestowed big jagirs to those who displayed their valor and prowess on the battle fields. He did not commit any action of cruelty and barbarity. He showed magniminity to his enemies though they belonged magniminity to his enemies though they belonged to a different religion or caste.

Pratap loved his people immensly and they in return looked upon him as their saviour and extended their fullest cooperation to him. In the fight for freedom all communities including Brahmins, Mahajans, kayasthas, charans and others participated. Such was the inspiration of his character that he could win the confidence of all classes of his subjects. He converted his rival brothers to a freedom lover, turned Bhills, the freeboters, into a patriotic warlike race and Bhama shah from mahajan,Purohit gopinath a Brahmin to a soldier. he abided by the wishes of his chief and nobles which examplifies the democratic trend of his character.

Maharana Pratap

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Maharana Pratap Museum, Welcomes you to Haldighati, the land of bravery, sacrifice and great history. Haldighati plays an important role in the Indian History.

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